our trees is the best tegan and sara song

ask me anything about our trees ok


merry christmas


merry christmas

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Almost Every Tegan and Sara Song Ever 

Emaculation (1998) - Shudder to Think (2013)

Dedicated to every TnS fan who says Heartthrob is too different from the “old stuff”

which song is the best do u think

trick question its our tree

if u disagree u might feel a knife going in

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Our Trees


Ok so I listened to the beginning of Our Trees for the last 45 Minutes and it sounds like a few different speeches on top of each other so here’s what I got:

“This will be the most dis-“

“our music..”

“…our responsibility as the council of transportation to provide all the courses you need have come to a realization. Some courses suck. Knowing this, another question rears its ugly head: how do I get out?”

“city transport … has reported residents in that are have been experiencing increased traffic…. traffic over 11000 vehicles per day is a necessity, however it should be made to produce… on our department”

“It also needs to be organized…. east of”

“excluding all the expensive ones”



how do i get out?

I’m assuming the trees went where the good went.

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Where do you go with your broken hearted toe?

what do you do with the leftover ewe?

how do you know when it’s lime to mesh slow?

where does the wood go? where does the wood go?

(it moves across the street to grow)

excellent work

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park it bby

park it bby

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our trees valentine sure to catch a lover by the toe if you know what i mean

our trees valentine sure to catch a lover by the toe if you know what i mean

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some our trees for your evening or morning or other time i wouldn’t want to miss anyone out

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Anonymous said: How do you feel about the man with the ax? Do you think he was worthy of that meal?

well i think people are generally worthy of meals but we live in a patriarchal culture more likely to feed men with weapons so there is that

finnishfunctionalism said: I listened to Our Trees like fifteen times today, it has been the most beautiful day of my life

yes see some people say our trees is a bad song but what you need to do is listen to it continually and nothing else and then you will realise the magic